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2016 Otherkin Community Survey (please take) - The Otherkin Community
ever awakening to ourselves
2016 Otherkin Community Survey (please take)
In an effort to help the otherkin community better understand itself, and to help the public understand the otherkin community, Kinmunity is introducing a 2016 otherkin community survey. The purpose of this survey is to learn more about the community, identify trends and correlations in the community, and to help the community understand itself better. This survey will probably be longer than most others you have encountered; this is because we aim for high quality results. Once the survey closes to responses, the data will be posted publicly with any personally identifiable information removed (although none is really collected in the first place!)

Click here to take the survey!
!DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK! - This survey link contains a unique acquisition code that says you've come from LiveJournal, if someone accesses it from outside LiveJournal their responses will be automatically discarded. If you wish to share a link with friends, share this one: https://kinmunity.com/surveys/index.php/431586?lang=en


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