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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup is moving off Meetup.com - The Otherkin Community
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SF Bay Otherkin Meetup is moving off Meetup.com
The SF Bay Otherkin Meetup has been sending out our monthly event announcements through Meetup.com since September 2011. We will be moving to a privately hosted list after the September 10 meetup (to take place in San Jose, CA).

If you are interested in receiving these announcements, please sign up with your email address (no new account creation or "join with Facebook" nonsense required) at http://eristic.net/mailman/listinfo/sfbayotherkin_eristic.net. The meetup general info page is at http://eristic.net/fey/sfbaykinmeetup.php. If you let me know your email address, I can also send you an invitation.

I will continue to also post notifications on the group calendars on WestKin (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/westkin/info) and Nor_Cal_Otherkin (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/nor_cal_otherkin/info).

The main driver for this is that Meetup.com costs a minimum of $12 a month, more if paid month-to-month. For a large group with dozens attending every month that would be fine, but for a small group like ours I think that the same function can be gained mainly through regular email.

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