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The Otherkin Community

ever awakening to ourselves

elves and dragons and faeries, oh my!
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For otherkin and the discussion and exploration thereof.
Welcome to the Otherkin LJ Community!

This community is owned by arethinn and also maintained by of_salfarro. The best way to contact one of us is to send an email to arethinn @ eristic.net or flarecarrot @ gmail.com (take out the spaces). Those emails are checked regularly. Feel free to contact us if there's anything in the rules you don't understand or if your concern is not addressed here.

This is a moderated membership community and you must be a member to leave comments on posts. Please use a LiveJournal account to join this community, not Facebook, Google Plus, or Twitter. Requests from those kinds of accounts will be rejected.

One of the mods will look at your journal and profile before approving your join request. We're not passing major judgement on who you are, just weeding out likely trolls, bots, people who seem to be looking for roleplaying/fiction material, and such. If you've just created your journal within the past few days and it's still empty, or it's all friends-locked and we can't get a sense of you from your profile, you're not likely to get added right away unless we know you personally from somewhere. You don't have to be talking about otherkin or other "weird" topics right out in the open; "normal"-looking accounts get added all the time. There just needs to be something for us to go on. However, join requests expire in 30 days. If you have not put anything in your profile or posted anything within that time, we'll just let it expire and you will not get to join the community.

Please do not submit multiple join requests. If it's been weeks and you really think we missed you, or you're wondering what's taking so long, please email us; don't hit "join" again. Sometimes people sit in the queue for a while and we check their journals periodically to see if there's anything new. Also, your email address must be validated before the system will allow us to add you.

If we reject your join request, it likely means we didn't get a good or neutral feeling about why we thought you wanted to join. Being just a curious human is OK, but if you are a member of mocking communities or seem to be looking for roleplaying material, your join request will probably be rejected. If you think we might have misidentified you as troll material or some other kind of undesirable, you can email us and ask about our specific reasons for declining.

If you cause problems (harass people, break LiveJournal's terms of service, etc.), you will be removed from the community and most likely banned.

We periodically remove deleted journals from the membership list. If you deleted your journal only temporarily for some reason, just email us about it when you request to be re-added.

Rules of conduct and content:
  • Play nice and be mature. No one likes a community which has degenerated into mindless bashing, hate and trolling. Note the difference between being a mature and respectable devil's advocate vs. being a demeaning troll whose comments only produce name-calling and bashing instead of meaningful debate or soul-search.

  • Open questioning and challenge is good, but please do not disparage other people's beliefs. There's a big difference between questioning and judging, and it is possible to say you think someone is incorrect or give criticism without being snarky or condescending.

  • The moderators do read all posts to the community, but we do not read all comments. If you feel you are being harassed in comments, don't fight it out in public. Stop responding to that person, send the mods an email, and we will look into it. But please don't send emails to tell us that someone is harassing somebody else. If that person isn't complaining, we are not going to do anything about it.

  • Do not delete your posts or edit them to remove original text. Doing so just worsens drama. It removes your input and the input of everyone else who commented, and leads to rumors and resentment. If you want to retract a post, edit the text to strikeout and leave an explanation for why you did so.

  • Do not delete or screen comments other people have left on your posts. If we find you are doing this, you will be banned. No second chances. We will not tolerate this attempt at censorship.

  • Please do not ask us what you are. You are the only person who can know who and what you are. Try asking to compare notes instead. ("I think I may be such-and-such, does anyone have any more information so I can do more research?")

  • Off-topic posts will be deleted. This includes quizzes and memes and any kind of asking people to buy something. (It's OK to discuss your art or craft in an otherkin context and give a link to people if they ask for it, but please don't just post "hey, come check out my shop".) If you are not sure if something you want to post is on or off-topic, please email a moderator to check before posting. If you feel a post of yours was wrongfully deleted, please email the mods if you wish to discuss it; don't post in the community about it.

  • Please ask the mods before posting ads/links for other communities. This is common courtesy for any community.

  • Do not post copyrighted material that belongs to someone else. This applies to pictures and text and any other kind of medium/content.

  • No "mature"/pornographic material. It is OK to discuss sexuality and similar mature topics, but leave the details out of it. Keep in mind that there are community members and watchers under the age of 18.

  • This is not a support group. We expect that people will treat others with maturity and respect, but if you come in here thinking that others will just accept everything you say and never question your statements about yourself, please do yourself a favor and walk right back out again. People will not treat you with respect if you come in here with a really wild story and nothing to back it up.

  • We encourage you to tag your posts. This helps others find posts on topics they are interested in. Currently, new tags can only be created by maintainers; if you feel none of the existing tags encompass the topic(s) of your post, you can ask us to create new ones.

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